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Jon and I just had a fantastic adventure at BabyCakes NYC in downtown Los Angeles.

Their cupcakes and vanilla-frosting-filled cookie sandwiches were delicious, and they were gluten, soy, dairy and egg free (therefore, entirely "Rain-friendly").

I was a kid in a candy store when I walked in there, giddy and goofy while telling the unfortunate gentleman behind the counter "I want one of those, and one of those, and two of those, ooh, and one of those, and..." :)

Amazingly, they were practically sold out of everything when we walked in, about 45 minutes before closing time. Their case of fresh caky things had only two items left, two vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Jon and I scooped them up, and then watched the remaining items available sell out during the next 20 minutes while we ate our luscious treats.


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